What Is A Smart Lighting System?

In the process of building a smart city, in addition to achieving resource “sharing, intensive, and overall planning”, and improving the efficiency of urban operations, energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection are also fundamental and key aspects. Urban road lighting can be said to be a big consumer of electric energy in cities, and the characteristics and applications of smart street lights and intelligent lighting systems have made great contributions and functions in this regard. So, what is an intelligent lighting system? What is the significance of the intelligent lighting system of the smart street lamp? This article will continue to understand smart street lights around these two issues.


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What is a smart lighting system


The intelligent lighting system collects users, environment and other factors for data analysis through various sensors, so as to adjust the equipment and provide intelligent and information applications.


The meaning of intelligent lighting system


1. Energy saving and emission reduction


The intelligent lighting control system uses various "pre-set" control methods and control elements to accurately set and manage the illuminance in different environments at different times to achieve the effect of saving energy. This method of automatically adjusting the illuminance can make full use of the outdoor natural light, turn the lamp on or to the desired brightness as needed, and use the least energy to ensure the required illuminance level. The power saving effect can generally reach more than 30%.


2. Extend the life of the light source


Whether it is a thermal radiation light source or a gas discharge light source, the fluctuation of the grid voltage is a main reason for the damage of the light source. Suppressing the fluctuation of the grid voltage can effectively extend the life of the light source. The intelligent lighting control system can be used in lighting and hybrid circuits. It has strong adaptability and can work continuously and stably under various harsh grid environments and complex load conditions. It will also effectively extend the life of the lamps and reduce maintenance costs.


3. Improve the environment and increase efficiency


Reasonable selection of light sources, lamps and excellent lighting control systems will help improve the quality of lighting. The intelligent lighting control system uses a dimming module control panel to replace the traditional flat switch to control the lamps, which can effectively control the illuminance value of the area, thereby improving the uniformity of illuminance.


4. Various lighting effects


A variety of lighting control methods can make the same building have a variety of artistic effects and add a lot of color to the building. In modern buildings, lighting is not only to satisfy people's visual light and dark effects, but also to have a variety of control schemes to make the buildings more vivid, more artistic, and give people rich visual effects and beauty.


The use of smart street light intelligent lighting control system can not only save a lot of money, but also greatly reduce the workload of management operation and maintenance personnel. While reducing the operating cost of the lighting system, the management and maintenance efficiency is also improved.




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