Osram Launched The New Synios S 2222 Product Series, Which I

In recent years, modern LED technology has established its own standards in more and more application fields. Osram semiconductor has launched a new Synios S 2222 product series with compact size, high brightness value and wide color range of light source. From customised lighting solutions for electronic equipment, to ambient lighting solutions for trains and aircraft, to high quality lighting solutions for buildings, the product range is suitable for a wide range of applications.


The product line provides efficient and flexible solutions for a variety of low - and medium-power applications ranging from 10 mah to 200 mah. Customers can choose from six colors, and can present more colors by combining them. In addition to the white version (3000-6500 K, CRI > 80), the product range includes blue (445nm-460 nm), green (520 nm-540 nm), yellow (583nm-595 nm, conversion and direct source), red (612 nm-626 nm) and deep red (626 nm-636 nm). The package size of the series is 2.2mm x 2.2mm. It is designed in a single solder pad and easily integrated into many different solutions. The package is only 0.6mm thick, making the plain lighting solution possible.


Osram is expanding its optoelectronics portfolio to the mass market with Synios 2222.


Achieving maximum performance in smaller and smaller sizes is the trend for discrete components. The Synios S 2222 product line is osram's latest achievement in this field. For example, a yellow phosphor luminescence product can achieve a high luminance value of 50 lumens with a current of only 140 mah. Because the chip is in the center of the package, additional optical elements can be easily integrated into different components according to different application scenarios.


The Synios S 2222 product line comes in six different colors, providing high-quality personalized lighting solutions for different application scenarios such as architectural lighting.


Alvaro Wulff, product manager for lighting at OsRAM Optoelectronics, said:


"With Synios 2222, we offer our customers compact, high-quality LED lights to help them easily achieve personalized lighting solutions. Because of the special packaging design, these products are easy to use in mass production. Depending on the application scenario, customers can choose a variety of colors."




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